Friday, April 5, 2019

20 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11: Writing a Review

I suck at writing reviews. As an author I crave them but as a reader, I suck writing them. 

My new year's resolution was to write at least one review a month? Did it happen? No. 

I promise to make more effort writing reviews, starting with the books of the group of authors of the Southern African Indie Authors Group (SAIAG). We are a new group formed to help and support independent authors (or self-published authors), from Southern Africa. The purpose of the group is cross-promotion and support.

Today my review is of one of the first book I've read by one of our authors and that is Vida li Sik's Bowled Over. Vida will be my guest on Thursday, but I hope you will take an opportunity before then to check out Bowled Over.

Now, when I first wrote the review, this was it: 
Bowled Over totally bowled me over. I read it in one sitting, too scared I’m going to miss the action.

In the months since I've first posted the review on Amazon, I realise there are more to book reviews than just that. Not that you find much information on the topic. The only thing I've learned that reviews doesn't have to be two pages long. A short, one-paragraph one page review is worth far more than a mediocre essay on the merits of the book. Another lesson I learned is not give away any spoilers. DO NOT GIVE AWAY THE STORYLINE!!!! So yes, that's what I learned. 

So, let's try again with my second effort in writing a review for Bowled Over;

Bowled Over totally bowled me over. I read it in one sitting, too scared I’m going to miss the action. I love the chemistry between the main characters, Gina and Storm. You don't have to know much about cricket to enjoy this sweet second-chance romance. I love cricket and sports romances and this debut novel by Li Sik was refreshing. 

Sports writer Gina Elliot fiercely needs to prove herself in a male-dominated profession. When the hottest scoop of her career plummets into her lap, she pursues the lead all the way to the Cricket World Championship in India.

Until Gina steps back into his life, star player Storm Jones has only one desire - to take home the elusive World Championship trophy. To his surprise, he finds renewing his eight-year-old failed relationship with Gina is suddenly as important as winning the top prize.
In the arena of world-class cricket, their lives cross once again. When whispers of match-fixing implicate Storm, Gina is forced to choose between her coveted career and the man she might just be falling in love with once again.

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