Interviews with my characters

Let me introduce you to Riley Adams. She is a character in my second book in the Playing for Glory romance series, called Obstruction.

In Obstruction Riley is a journalist, and she continues with this role by interviewing all my fictional characters. It's going to be fun, and I hope you will enjoy reading more about each and every one.

Don't worry, Riley won't only be interviewing rugby players (but it she is quite partial to them). Do you blame her? They are good-looking, macho and have bodies most women drool over and other men envy. She's also going to throw in an occasional CEO, a winemaker, self-made millionaires, and so many others who she hopes will spill their secrets to her so cross your fingers.

When Riley negotiated with the Buffaloes about interviewing some of their players, I hadn't expected Jakes du Plessis to be the one to volunteer to be first. Everyone had warned me that Jakes was very reserved, and when you interview him, he mostly spoke about his rugby and nothing about his personal life

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