“If you know what’s good for you and your career, stay away from my daughter!”
Ulrich Fölscher wants to play rugby for the Buffaloes and the Springboks and eventually become the best chef in town. In that order. There is no place for romance in his life. Obeying Coach Brady’s command is easy until he meets his daughter Samantha. She is everything he needs—warm, bubbly—and possibly, the missing ingredient he lacks to spice up his life.
Sammy is a professional athlete, and she too knows the rules. But it is hard to resist Ulrich’s quiet strength, focused determination and, most of all, his delectable kisses.
Both know how to fight for what they want. But as their desire for each other intensifies, so does the pressure to make a choice. Can Ulrich and Sammy continue to play by the rules or risk it all for love?

Playing By The Rules, is the fourth standalone sports romance in the Playing For Glory series, it follows the lives of red-hot professional rugby players and the women they love.


What would prove to be stronger? Love, or loyalty?
What Jakes didn’t count on was a chance meeting with Angie Summers, an artist who shook him to his core and threw his well-laid plans into a tailspin. Not even his promise to his friends and teammates, over 9 000 miles between them, and demons from his past could stop Jakes from falling for Angie.
Unfortunately, not everything is plain sailing, and Jakes finds that it takes a team to help him overcome obstacles to find his way to his own Happily Ever After.
When Angie stumbled upon Jakes by accident, it definitely wasn't love at first sight. She wasn't looking for a new relationship, after all, she was still wearing another man’s ring.
Fate has different ideas though.
Can Angie forgive Jakes and forget about their first disastrous encounters? And will he let her into his heart to overcome his biggest enemy, which is not on the field of play?

Everyone deserves a second chance...
They say there is a fine line between love and hate. When Christopher Brooks saw Riley Adams, his first love, at the Buffaloes' first press briefing of the year, he still hated her with a passion for breaking his heart more than seven years ago.

Riley did not have the luxury of hating Christopher, nor did she have the luxury of avoiding him. Her best option was to confront him before he found out about her secret from anyone else. If he found out, would he hate her even more or would he be willing to forgive?

Temptation can come in any form.
 As long as it wasn’t Melissa Roux. Daniel Cooper had known that since the first moment he’d seen the new physio for the Buffaloes. As captain, he had to set an example and falling head over heels for the feisty blonde with the endless long legs, wasn’t the way to do it.
Melissa knew Daniel was going to be a problem from the first day she walked into Buffaloes Stadium. There was no way she was going to risk her career for an arrogant chauvinist who called her a blonde bimbo. For that, she worked too hard to get her dream job.
Neither had reckoned with the undeniable chemistry between them and the famous Cooper curse. When he couldn’t hide it anymore, Daniel made a simple request which had more repercussions than he expected. In his quest to find the truth, he made another error in judgement, risking not only Melissa’s career but also the loyalty of his team and the Club.
 Daniel and Melissa both had to make important decisions: what’s more important? Your career or love?


One chance. One choice. It’s his call.
As the billionaire owner of the Wild Dogs, a young and successful rugby club, Nicholas Carter had kept his business and his private life separate. That was until Emma Cole came into his life. His new accountant was not his type. Emma had the uncanny ability to make Nicholas lose control.
Geeks shouldn’t look like Nicholas and neither should they kiss as he did. Emma didn’t expect that the hot, sexy, and sweaty green-eyed man who kissed her senseless on the stairs was her new boss.
They couldn’t deny the attraction between them. Giving in to the chemistry could have repercussions. During a business trip they gave in to their attraction, embarking on an affair that would change their lives forever. Life happens, and reality crept into their relationship. It forced Nicholas to decide. The resulting fallout was nobody’s fault but his own. He knew it was his call.


Never trust a man who doesn’t like coffee.
Kirstine Brown does not heed her grandfather’s advice and lets billionaire businessman Iain Young get under her skin. But what Kirsty won’t stand for is losing Joe’s Coffee House–her pride and joy. It is all she has.
Iain inherits Cairistìne Court, a building in the heart of Edinburgh’s Leith district, and a stubborn tenant who refuses to move. Kirsty has an iron-clad contract, but Iain is used to winning and sets out to change her mind.
He gets more than he bargained for and falls hard for the blonde barista. Knowing that only a big gesture will convince a suspicious Kirsty of his growing love for her, he waits for the perfect moment.
But secrets cause misunderstandings. Throw in an ex who wants him back and a greedy employee who sabotages Kirsty, and Iain has his work cut out for him.
Will Iain’s big gesture be too late to win Kirsty’s heart?


A brief interlude just before Christmas was supposed to be more than that. That was what Nathan Sinclair imitated to Meghan Carstens when they said goodbye and she believed him. She should have known it was a lie and that he would end up to be just like all the other assholes she had dated before. When they met again a few months later, Meghan accepted it was over. Nathan ignored her as if the time they spent together on Twin Peaks, had never happened. She did the same, even though it hurt.
Meghan belonged to an industry Nathan abhorred. Apart from his mother and his sister, he had vowed long ago never to have anything to do with someone who had aspirations to be a model, designer or a journalist. He had been burned once too often. Why then did he feel this compelling attraction to the sultry fashion designer?
When the truth emerged, would Meghan be willing to give Nathan another chance?

They might be stepbrother and –sister, but there was no sibling love between Marcus Walker and Annie Sinclair. Marcus made sure of that and paid the price. Annie spent five years in exile in New York. Her family thought she lived the high life with her husband. When her marriage ended, Annie and her daughter returned to Blue Mountain to heal. Eleven years had been long enough to hold a grudge. Seeing Annie again for the first time since her marriage had been a shock. Marcus just picked up the pieces of his life after his wife passed away. He wasn’t ready to deal with Annie. Not that it mattered. Annie ignored him. Marcus stayed in the background until Annie healed. When she did, Marcus was there. Then her ex-husband returned. Have they lost their piece of heaven on Blue Mountain?

Adam Walker feels like an outsider in his close-knit family and it is his own doing. For years he has hidden a secret from them. How can Adam confide in any of them when revealing his guilty pleasures will tear them apart?
Nicola Evans arrives on Blue Mountain as the new marketing and events coordinator. She has a secret of her own. Yet, the woman with the pixie haircut and forest-green eyes does what no one else has done - chip through all of Adam’s defences. Nicky is a temptation he cannot resist.
But secrets cannot stay hidden forever. The truth always comes out. And when Adam faces the biggest challenge of his life, Nicky has a choice to make. Stay on to help him or leave with her secret intact.
Will Nicky risk it all to help Adam break free from the chains of his past once and for all?


'n Kortstondige verhouding net voor Kersfees was veronderstel om baie meer as net dit te wees. In elk geval, dit was wat Nathan Sinclair Meghan Carstens belowe het toe hulle moes groet en die jong mode-ontwerper het hom geglo. Sy moes geweet het dat dit 'n leuen was en dat Nathan dit sou beëindig het. Hy was dus nie veel anders as al die ander skobbejakke voor hom nie. Toe hulle weer 'n paar maande later weer ontmoet, het Meghan nie veel van ‘n keuse gehad om te aanvaar dat dit verby was nie. Nathan het haar geïgnoreer asof die paar dae wat hulle saam op Tweekop spandeer het, nooit gebeur het nie. Meghan het n bladsy uit sy boek geneem en hom op dieselfde manier hanteer, selfs al het dit nog seergemaak.

Nathan kon dit nie verstaan nie. Meghan was deel van 'n bedryf wat hy gehaat het. Hy het hom lank gelede voorgeneem om niks te doen te met iemand wat aspirasies het om 'n model, ontwerper of 'n joernalis in die bedryf te wees nie – dit was nou behalwe sy ma en sy suster. Hy het een keer te veel seergekry. Hoekom voel hy dan hierdie magnetiese aantrekkingskrag vir die verleidelike ontwerper?

Wanneer die waarheid eindelik uitkom, sal Meghan vir Nathan kan vergewe en hom nog n kans gee?

Hulle mag dalk stiefbroer– en suster wees, maar daar was geen already tussen Marcus Walker en Annie Sinclair nie. Marcus het deeglik daarvan seker gemaak. Hy het sedertdien die prys daarvoor betaal.
Annie het vyf jaar in self-opgelegde ballingskap in New York gebly. Annie het haar familie laat glo dat sy ʼn wonderlike lewe in die wêreldstad saam met haar man lei. Toe haar huwelik in ʼn egskeiding eindig, keer Annie en haar dogter terug na Blouberg om weer heel te word.
Om Annie vir die eerste keer sedert haar troue vyf jaar gelede te sien, was ʼn skok vir Marcus. Hy het net begin om weer die stukkies van sy lewe op te tel na sy vrou se dood. Hy was nog nie gereed om Annie te sien nie. Nie dat dit juis saak gemaak het nie. Annie het hom geïgnoreer.
Vir twee jaar het Marcus in die agtergrond gebly en gekyk hoe Annie weer heel word. Toe sy dit gedoen het, was Marcus daar. Was Annie gereed? ʼn Paar soene voor Kersfees het gewys dat sy was maar toe kom haar eks-man terug. Het Marcus sy tweede kans verloor of kan hulle hul stukkie blou hemel op Blouberg vind?

Adam Walker voel soos ʼn vreemdeling in sy gesin en dit is alles sy eie skuld. Vir jare verberg hy al ʼn geheim van sy hegte gesin. Hoe kan Adam hulle in sy vertroue neem as sy geheime plesiertjies sy familie uitmekaar kan skeur?
Nicola Evans arriveer op Blouberg as die nuwe bemarkings- en funksiekoördineerder. Sy het haar eie geheimpies maar tog kry die vrou met die elfiehaarstyl en bosgroen dit reg wat niemand nog vantevore kon doen nie. Sy slaag daarin om die muur wat Adam om hom gebou het af te breek. Nicky is ʼn versoeking wat Adam nie kan weerstaan nie.
Geheime kan nie vir altyd verborge bly nie. Die waarheid seëvier altyd. Nicky moet ʼn keuse maak wanneer Adam die grootste struikelblok van sy lewe moet trotseer: Bly sy om hom te help of vlug sy met haar geheim nog veilig?
Kan Nicky die kans waag om Adam te help om vir eens en altyd los te breek van die kettings wat hom aan sy verlede vashou?

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