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It is often said that “rugby is a hooligans’ game played by gentlemen.

To the uninformed, it may appear that way. It is, after all, a full-contact sport of near-seamless action, constant energy, with frequent collisions where players wear little-or no protective gear. It can get bloody and messy.

Professional rugby is tough. There are only fifteen positions in a team, and the competition is hard. The tough guys at the top have worked for years to get there. They suffer disappointments, injuries, rehabilitation and waiting for their chances, but it taught them plenty about mental strength and the value of fierce commitment. Those are traits I deeply admire.

There’s no denying though that rugby players rank among the sexiest athletes in the world. They often frequent the front covers of magazines, in calendars or ads ranging from shower gels to underwear. All shirtless, of course, and often in skimpy enough underwear to show off their bodies, toned from years of physical training, hard work and the fierce physicality of the game.

Their bodies, however, is not the only thing that attracted me to the game since I was a young girland that was even before I got to the age where boys were starting to interest me. There was something about the free-flowing game featuring a combination of strength, speed and strategy when moving the ball across the pitch that had intrigued me and still does. I must confess. I am an avid supporter of my local team, and I follow them diligently. If I get a chance, I even watch them train. I’ll get up in the early hours of the morning to watch a game or stay up late, and if I’m not at home or a place to watch the game live, I’ll follow the game live on social media.

Maybe years of following rugby and the increasing popularity of the game, especially since the shorter form of the game, the Sevens, had been included in the Olympics, had been the inspiration behind, or the reason for the series, Playing for Glory. When you meet a fellow rugby enthusiast on a boat cruise on the Hudson during the Fourth of July celebrations, there had to be a reason why such a meeting made an impression. It was only on the long flight from New York to Johannesburg that the idea of the series started to form. Before then, I never considered writing about my beloved sport, not even romances.

The Playing for Glory series tells the stories of red-hot players and the women they love. Each character has a different story, dealing with sensitive issues such as teenage pregnancies, work ethics, and unforbidden love. Between all the ups and downs, rugby is the one thing that keep my characters together. Some of the books are steamy and some are clean, but in the end, it was what the character wanted. And they all get their Happy Ever Afters.

So, if you are looking for a rugby series to put you in the mood for the Rugby World Cup, this is your chance.

What would prove to be stronger? Love, or loyalty?
It is a World Cup year and top professional rugby player, Jakes du Plessis, desperately wants to fulfil his childhood dream of playing for the Springboks. To succeed, he must stick to the team’s strict vow of celibacy and mantra: ‘Focus! Keep an eye on the ball – and stay away from women.’
A chance meeting with artist Angie Summers throws his well-laid plans into a tailspin. Not even his promise to his friends and teammates, over 9 000 miles between them, and demons from his past can stop Jakes from falling for her.
But life is not plain sailing, and Jakes discovers that it takes a team to help him overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of his own Happily Ever After.
When Angie meets Jakes, it is not love at first sight. She is not looking for a new relationship; after all, she still wears another man’s ring.
Fate has different ideas though.
Can Angie forgive Jakes and forget about their first disastrous encounters? Will he let her into his heart to overcome his biggest enemy, which is not on the field of play?

Riley does not have the luxury of hating or avoiding Christopher. Their lives are inextricably linked forever. Her best option is to confront him before he discovers her secret through someone else. And when he knows the truth, will Christopher hate her even more or will he be willing to forgive?
Obstruction, is the second standalone sports romance in the Playing For Glory series, it follows the lives of red-hot professional rugby players and the women they love.

Melissa knew Daniel was going to be a problem from the first day on the job. There was no way she was going to risk her career for an arrogant chauvinist who called her a blonde bimbo. She had worked too hard to get her dream job.
Neither of them could deny the undeniable chemistry between them, or the famous Cooper curse. When Daniel made one simple request, it had unexpected repercussions. In his quest to find the truth, he made another error in judgement, risking not only Melissa’s career but also the loyalty of his team and the Club.
Daniel and Melissa both faced a decision: What’s more important? Your career or love? 

“If you know what’s good for you and your career, stay away from my daughter!”
Ulrich Fölscher wants to play rugby for the Buffaloes and the Springboks and eventually become the best chef in town. In that order. There is no place for romance in his life. Obeying Coach Brady’s command is easy, until he meets his daughter Samantha. She is everything he needs – warm, bubbly – and possibly, the missing ingredient he lacks to spice up his life.
Sammy is a professional athlete and she too knows the rules. But it is hard to resist Ulrich’s quiet strength, focused determination and, most of all, his delectable kisses.
Both know how to fight for what they want. But as their desire for each other intensifies, so does the pressure to make a choice. Can Ulrich and Sammy continue to play by the rules or risk it all for love?

Nicholas Carter is the billionaire owner of the Wild Dogs, a young and successful rugby club. His secret to success is simple; he keeps his business and his private life separate. That resolve is tested when Emma Cole comes into his life. His new accountant is not his type, yet she has the uncanny ability to make Nicholas lose control.
Geeks shouldn’t look like Nicholas and neither should they kiss like he does. Emma is mortified to discover that the hot, sexy, green-eyed man with intoxicating kisses is her new boss.
They cannot deny the attraction between them. But giving in to the chemistry spells serious repercussions. During a business trip they surrender to their passion, and embark on an affair that changes their lives forever. Reality creeps into their relationship and Nicholas is forced to make a decision. Will he take ownership of the resulting fallout? Will he make the right call?

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*** Cover Reveal Today ***

Release date: 29 September 2019

[The Last Gryphon Cover file attached]

War destroyed everything they loved when the oldest race in the universe, had no answer for the machines that ravaged their new home planet, Xyridia.
The last words of their queen sent Galen and Richard on an impossible quest to find the Lost Gryphene to save their people.
But destiny had different plans for the two men when they crossed paths with the people of Zo'en and Xa'an.

Release date: 29 September 2019

Get your copy @ $0.99

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About the Author: Linzé Brandon

After many years, Linzé left her full-time job to enjoy the challenges of self-employment once more. Now she spends her days working as a consulting engineer and competence trainer. Her creative endeavours have also found more prominence in her daily activities with a focus on getting more of those finished manuscripts ready for publication.
Although she loves to read, she also enjoys doing counted stitch embroidery, archery, tai chi, fly fishing, drawing with coloured pencils, her husband’s medal winning photographs and watching Manchester United play.
Linzé is the author of non-fiction books, novels and short stories.
Linzé Brandon lives in Pretoria, South Africa, with her engineer husband and German Shepherd dogs who are convinced that the world revolves only around them.

You can connect with Linzé:
On Instagram @linzebrandon
On Facebook @LinzeBrandonAuthor
On Twitter @LinzeBrandon

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Writer's Block? Scary to think about it, isn't it?

Recently, for the first time in the two years since I’ve started writing in 2018, I’ve experienced writer’s block. The story ideas were there—loads and loads of them, but I procrastinated, doing everything I could not to finish my WIP. It was frustrating and scary, I must admit. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and had to do a lot of soul-searching.

Now one thing indie authors can do is put pressure on ourselves. That’s what I did. I pushed myself so hard that I forgot about the joy of writing, of telling stories I enjoy writing and focused too much on the end product.

I’ve taken a step back, got all the other stuff out of the way so when the muse made her return, I could just concentrate on writing again. I used the time to do other stuff—spend time with family and friends, take photos again, draw, read, and do other fun stuff. Instead of concentrating on that one book I wanted to publish, I read through my other manuscripts, adding a scene or two when it came to me, but leaving that frustrating WIP alone. Those characters didn’t want to talk to me.

So how did I get past my writer’s block?
One Saturday morning I set off to the food market not too far from our home. I got there early, while the stall owners were still setting up. Luckily the coffee lady was ready. I got a cup of coffee and with a notebook and pen, I sit at a bench and wrote. And I wrote! I used the five senses to describe everything around me. When I transcribed it the next day, I had more than two thousand words.
Did it help? Yes. Not with the WIP I had been struggling with but I wrote scenes I can use in other books – I already have two storylines! It also proved to me I can still write. All I need to do is step back and enjoy it.

Thankfully, I’ve finished the first draft of the bothering WIP and also completed scenes for the next book. And apart from the two market ideas, I also got a brand new idea and can’t wait to start. (Okay, I had. I’ve written 4000 words already!).

So, next time you struggle with writer’s block, don’t fret. Put that project away. Do something else. Take yourself out of your comfort zone. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery.

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Thursday, May 30, 2019


This week I've been a guest on Linzé Brandon's blog, Butterfly on a Broomstick, talking about dreams, and my new release, Playing by the Rules. Thank you, Linzé for hosting me.

Butterfly on a Broomstick

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I’m certain all have you have heard the phrase “Together we stand, divided we fall” before.
How profound is that? I found it a few months ago while I struggled to market my books without a budget to speak off. It made me think. Yes, there are many groups on the internet to which you can belong where you can post your books. You can pay for advertising on Google, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram. There are other platforms and people promising you the earth, but is it working?
I thought I was alone when I saw several posts in the Facebook group of the Romance Novelist Association (RNA) and The Writing Gals, where authors were ready to give up. Sales have dropped, and it felt for many as if it wasn’t worth it. Yes, I admit, I felt the same.
I had to do a lot of soul-searching. Why am I writing? For the money? For fame? We had a hectic few months and I felt I couldn’t justify the expense of paying for editors and cover designers anymore. Not if I have to look at the income versus expenses. Was it worth it?
My conclusion was, yes. It is worth it because I’m not writing to get rich. I write because I have to. I write because I need to. I write because I love it. I just need to work smarter. And for me, smarter means not working alone.
That had been the turning point for me.
It also made me realise that I can make changes and I can help others. That is when indie authors of Southern Africa group were born. The purpose of the group is to learn from each other and help each other promote our books. Our aim is to find our readers, here in South Africa and abroad. It is difficult if you only publish online. The South African reader public is still traditional and prefer to still hold a book in their hands. I’m the same—or I had been. Travelling with a case of books is ridiculous so now I read online. Still, there is a book or two I prefer to hold in my hand. Mine, specifically.
Most of our authors met through the Romance Writers Organisation of South Africa (ROSA). This group does not want to take authors away from ROSA. We urged new members to join ROSA if they hadn’t done so. ROSA is aimed for romance books and although we are romance authors, some of our authors had published self-help books and inspirational books.
In the group, we have established authors who had published through big and smaller publishing houses. We have experienced self-publishing authors. We have debut authors and authors who had published a book or two through a traditional publisher and are now self-publishing their next book. Considering we have such a fast range of experience in the group, it is therefore understandable that the more experienced authors would give advice to the newbies.
Did it work that way? No. And there are reasons for that. I find it fascinating that the newbies are the ones who didn’t mind trying new things where the more established authors are following their trusted methods. That’s great and it is understandable because they had already built up a following the new authors need. They are there to tell the newbies no, don’t waste your money on that, or I found that work for me or that didn’t. That’s what we need. Exchanging ideas and information. I think the more experienced authors find the enthusiasm of the newer authors inspiring. 
There are still many things we need to figure out but each week we learn and we grow. It is amazing that there are others in the same boat who go through the same struggles I do and if I have questions, they will give advice.
We share information and we network. We promote each other’s new releases and celebrate each other’s successes and commiserate when things don’t go that well. We are learning as we go along, exchanging ideas and trying to find new ways of doing things.
There are obstacles. Our biggest obstacles are to find our readers. For indie authors to get their books into a bookshop is difficult. None of us has the money to pay for distributors. Indie bookshops are few. We rely on the few indie bookshops willing to take us, book fairs and markets and there are a few of those in which we can take part.
I can already see us arranging our own book fairs. We couldn’t wait for others. We need to take action ourselves. And we can’t do it alone. Come, join us, support us, and help us grow.
If you want to find out more about us, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Our website should run soon.
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Meet my Guest: Harper Dell

Today, meet my guest, Harper Dell and celebrate with her, her newest release, Touch Me.

Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.
I am a writer by trade and by heart. I have written everything from technical research papers to daily soap opera but my passion is for romantic fiction. Thus far I have written four holiday romance novellas - my Love Bites - and the first two in my contemporary family romance series. Trust Me follows Brianna and Cole's love story, while Touch Me focuses on youngest Sister Skye Hanson, her gay husband Jaimie and her deepening relationship with Zach as she comes into her own. Both books feature a central love story with lots of family drama in between.

What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?
My book which has just released is Touch Me: Book 2 in the Hanson family series. As a series, I guess the whole thing was inspired by the fact that I come from a big family myself and know the ins and outs of sibling drama. For Skye's love story, I've often seen couples together where the husband is clearly gay and wondered why they are together. I decided to tackle this tricky subject as Skye, married to gay hubby Jaimie, realizes she needs something more. She has to navigate her way out of a comfortable marriage while still keeping her best friend (Jaimie) and being brave enough to confront her own sexuality with Zach. Is her husband Jaimie ready to do the same? Is Skye still a virgin? Does Zach need her as much as she needs him? How will she handle a family bombshell her sister Hannah is about to drop on her? You'll have to read the book to find out ;) (And all this in between planning sister Brie’s engagement party, getting a promotion, and coming to the rescue of a forgotten diva.)

Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre?
I guess I am a romantic at heart. I remember reading my mother's Mills and Boons as a teenager and even submitting a synopsis to them written by hand. I'm the last person you'll find watching a horror movie and I'm a sucker for grand gestures, not to mention the small things like making your partner a cup of tea or just listening when they talk. There were also some practical considerations in my decision - romance is really popular (though also competitive) and being shorter books I would be able to write quicker and give my readers what they want.

What kind of research did you do, and how long did you spend researching before beginning this book?
This is one of the reasons I decided not to write historical romance :) Seriously though, I tend to research as I go along and as questions arise. My main focus with this series is researching the area the characters live in, where they explore (given that it's set in the United States) and also their chosen careers. In this case, since Skye is a Head Writer on a soap opera, I had the inside track, having written on soap opera myself. I did, however, approach my ex Head Writer boss to check on a couple of things for accuracy.

How do you select the names of your characters?
Given that they are love stories I think of the couple's names together and if they have a nice rhythm. Later in the book I sometimes realize they don't have surnames :) and have to come up with one. I tend to choose names that sound romantic but I guess that's a subjective thing.

How do you like to collect and organise your ideas?
Not very well. I do a basic chapter by chapter outline (which is usually a sentence or two per chapter). I'm working on doing better outlines so I can write the next books faster.

How long did it take you to write this book?
This one took a year as I had a major life move in between and it was a tricky subject with several emotional journeys - not just the hero and heroine. I plan to write and release at least two more books in the series this year now that I am more settled, to maintain moment.

What's next for you as a writer?
The rest of the Hanson family series. There are five siblings, plus mom, Jaimie and a couple of other surprises. I'm also working on a shorter series set in a ballet company for quick release when it's ready.

Author Bio 
Romance author, Harper Dell, writes heartwarming, sexy romantic fiction. Strong plots, high on emotion, combine with love, romance, family ties and, of course, dollops of steamy sex. Along with fiction, Harper writes and edits for daily soap opera and television drama.

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